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About the photos

These Surrealistic Fine Art Photographies are first of all each time
one unique and instant picture that catch Dramatic and Vibrant energies,
with no alteration nor touch up of the photo at any stage.

As a result we can see through each of them an Unpredictable
Spirit combination of Famous Paris places and Atmospheres.

This is up to now,
a Worldwide unique Artistic process & Photography Technic

This first Photos Reflections Collection work lasted four years (2005-2008)
and thousands of photographies were carried out, so to select only,
the 40 most inspiring ones.

For the most distinguished people, it is possible to get a Photography Exclusivity,
Fine Art Picture to be chosen in the Artist secret Series (not visible on the website)

Some Pieces of this Paris 40 Fine Art Collection could be seen at :
European Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia, Offices - www.eurocham-cambodia.org - more than 15 pieces
Cabinet Medical Francais - Facebook: Cabinet-Medical-Francais-CMF - 5 pieces
Eric Kayser - Café Bakery Restaurant - Vattanac Capital Mall - www.maison-kayser-cambodia.asia -
one custom order 4 meters long, Black & White composition, above leather sofas line